Cara Kelly

General Information:
  •  Please read our Robertson Co. and ERES handbooks.
  • Please read our classroom handbook to learn about our procedures.
  • Our contact folders, called Red Folders, go home every Thursday.  Parents are to sign the back page and return them the next school day.
  • Assignment books are to be initialed every night, except Friday night.
  • Blue notes will be issued to students if they do not have their daily homework. The missing assignment(s) are to be completed AND the blue note signed and sent back to school the next day.


  • A 1.5 inch binder is needed.  Please do not buy a trapper-keeper or a larger binder. There is not enough space for them.
  • Students are responsible for wide-ruled paper and pencils throughout the year
  • Please do not bring a rolling backpack.
  • The classroom is always in need of tissues, EXPO markers, and disinfecting wipes.