Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions
of students and parents.
  1. Can I bring refreshments for my child's birthday?
  2. What about the 3rd grade study hall?
  3. Can my child take medicine at school?
  4. What about field trips?
  5. Is my child able to make-up missed work?
  6. Can my child bring personal items (toys, cards, electronics, etc.) to school?
  7. What if my child has a cell phone?
  8. Why does my child have so much homework?
  9. Why did my child complete write-offs?

Can I bring refreshments for my child's birthday?

If you would like to send in cupcakes or some other form of snack for your child's birthday, you may do so with prior notification/scheduling with me. We do
try to keep interruption to instruction time at a minimum so I usually share
the birthday refreshments right after lunch at 12:30.

What about the 3rd grade study hall?

          Third grade teachers feel it is important that your child learn responsibility in third grade
          along with other subject matter. If a child forgets homework, a folder or book,or other
          assignments due, then a study hall note will be given. This is a learning experience that
          will hopefully help them remember next time. Of course, they can also go to study hall
          for behavior disruptions. When you sign your child's study hall note, please talk with
          them about their behavior or forgetfulness in bringing assigned work back. Working
          together we can help our children to become more responsible.

Can my child take medicine at school?

Your child may take medicine at school if it accompanies a note from you and or the doctor. It will remain in the nurse's office and she will administer it.

What about field trips?

We will go on at least one off campus field trip during the year. Due to the new testing (TNReady) schedule, winter/spring field trips will be hard to
schedule. There will be plenty of advance notice on field trip dates and cost.

Is my child able to make-up missed work?

If your child is absent due to illness or any other excused absence, I will get their work together for that day and have it ready to be sent home at 2:15. I try to send it home with siblings as well, so if you know your child will be absent, please send in a note with a sibling (if any) saying to send work home with them. You may also call the office. If it is not picked up, they may get it when they return to school. They will have the amount of days sick plus one to make-up the work. (For example: if Joe was out sick for one day, he will have two days to make up work.)

If they are absent due to vacation or doctor appointments, I prefer advance notice so that I may get their work together prior to absence. Thank you for your cooperation!

Can my child bring personal toys (cards) to school?

No toys or other personal items, that may be special to your child, are allowed at school unless there is a designated day for that. Many things become misplaced or broken when that happens. Issues have risen in my classroom about things becoming stolen or mistaken as someone else's.

Please have your child keep personal items, toys, Pokemon cards, electronics, etc. at home!!

What if my child has a cell phone?

          If your child has a cell phone (for communication before and after school),
          please make sure that it is turned off by the time they get to school. If the
          phones rings or goes off during the day, the phone will be confiscated, a note
          will be sent home, and you will have to come to the school to pick up the cell
          phone. A phone call will be made as well. Refer to the student handbook given at Open

​​​Why does my child have so much homework?


          I assign homework every day except for Fridays. This homework should not take more
          than 30 minutes to complete. Check your student's agenda each day, along with signing
          it, to see how much homework they have each night. Please make sure it is completed!
          If your child seems to have excessive homework on a regular basis, it is probably
          because they do not finish their work during the day and need to finish at home. They
          may have remedial work in a problem skill or they have make-up work from several
          missed days.

Why did my child complete write-offs?

          If your child has clipped down on our clip chart all the way to red and still continues to
          misbehave, your child will most likely have to complete write-offs during their recess
          time. The writing will consist of the reason why your child misbehaved that day and what
          they should do instead. 
If your child brings home write-offs, please sign them and return
          them to school. While looking over the write-offs, please discuss the behavior with your
          child and how they should behave instead at school.